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Hello, my name is Christine Raines.   I left Heacham in 1964.  I had lived with my family, Mum, Dad and brothers Michael and Paul at 2, Lords Lane, not too far from the school.

I remember so well the flood of 1953.   My Grandmother Proctor's day hut had floated over to the other side of the railway crossing and all that was left of their cafe on the beach was the concrete step.

A few years later I remember trudging up "Redgate Hill" in the snow to get to Hunstanton School.   Freezing.
In later years,  I walked to the Heacham Station to get on the train to go to  King's Lynn Tech. every day, what fun, I can see and smell the coaches as we speak. You remember  -  that wonderful sounds and feelings of scrambling for seats with your friends on cold winter afternoons longing to get home to tea. Wonderful memories of childhood, teenage years and school friends.

I have kept in touch  with a few of them, recently contacted Mike Pull in Holland through Heacham On Line.   I remembered him from his Father's butcher shop in the village and going there with my Mum nearly every day.

So many lovely people, Mr. and Mrs. German, Mr. Timothy, the Bradfields, the Hammonds, the Dix's, Mr. and Mrs. Diggins and Malcolm and the Goddard's just to name a few.

Christine at home in Florida

I live in Florida now but I am seriously considering moving back home. There is nowhere like England and I miss it terribly. I have lost a lot of my family but there have also been some new, wonderful additions. This has been a lovely trip down memory lane on a Sunday afternoon. Thank you for our visit. If anyone has memories they would like to share, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 

My e-mail address is [email protected]


Christine on holiday

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