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My name is Mike Pull, my Dad was Les Pull,  a  butcher.  His shop was at the end of the High Street in good old Heacham. I now live in Holland.  We call it here "Nederland" - that means the low countries.  You would write it in English "The Netherlands".  Holland - it's very much like the area around Spalding.  In fact, lots of Dutch tulip  farmers live in the area.  Still I don't have to tell you that.  That's history. I  left  Heacham  in  1978, to make a new life for myself, like lots of us did, and it worked out very good.  At first it was not that easy, then after a few years, it started to get better.  The people here are so kind, very much the same as people  in North  Norfolk, so I started to feel at home. I am still working as  a cabinet maker, but will soon hang up my gloves. Then I can get down to playing my sport - 'golf'.

I will never forget Heacham , and I always come over to see my family, at least three times a year. 


Mike back in the
sixties in the group
'Jack of Diamonds'

I used to have so much fun in my younger days, I was a member of the Hunstanton Swimming Club, and we used to go with a group of keen swimmers into the sea on Christmas Day, and that tradition is still going on, thanks mainly to dear old George Raines. I also played in a group called the 'Jack of Diamonds', that was every weekend at the Kit Kat. It was great fun.  I wish I was a teenager again, and I would not change a thing. Thanks to Heacham-on-Line we all still have a little bit of contact with the place we love the best.
Mike Pull.

Mike as he is today
out on the golf
course in Holland

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