Church of St Mary the Virgin of Heacham 


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A soft sandstone which hardens with age - local carrstone - has been used in conjunction with other stones in the building of this church.  The church is partly 12th century whilst the main structure was added in the late 13th century.  The south porch and clerestory were added in the early 15th century.
In 1894 a Victorian west gallery and small organ were dismantled, as were the box pews.  In 1928 restoration work took place.  This involved the removal of a false ceiling in the nave and chancel (dating from 1800) and the removal of the infilling of the chancel arch.

The stained glass in the tracery of the aisle windows is 19th and  15th century.

There are many interesting memorials in the church which are well worth reading.  One such memorial is an unknown knight in armour made of London brass (1485).  The figure stands 27 inches and, unlike many Norwich made brasses, is not deeply etched.


View of the access step from the church tower
(Access is not available to the public)


The north clerestory wall hatchments display the arms of three local gentlemen.  Opposite on the south wall are the arms of their widows.
St Mary's  church organ was built in 1914 by T R Spurdon Rutt & Co of London for the East Finchley Congregational Church.  It arrived in Heacham in 1970 with assistance from local organ builders, A J Shaw  & Sons.  In 1992, the organ was  improved by Holmes & Swift.  It now has 3 manuals with electro-pneumatic action.

In recent years the pews in the central part of the nave were replaced with individual chairs and a raised carpeted platform was created at the front/altar.  These changes enabled the building to accommodate concerts, holiday clubs, harvest suppers and occasional café style morning services.

An extension was added to the north elevation of the church in the early 1990s, providing a small meeting room, a kitchen area and toilets with disabled access.

An example of the stained glass windows The church organ
The church in the evening View from the top of the church tower
(Access is not available to the public)
Inside the bell tower


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