Church of St Mary the Virgin of Heacham 

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 The photograph above is a wood carving in the choir stall area.
Originally it was unpainted.


The choir stalls and reredos were donated by Charles Strachan.  They were made from oak from the Heacham Hall estate.  The Strachan memorial is located in the south west corner of the chancel.  Psalm 47, verses 6 and 7 are quoted on the stalls.  Panels of wood carving on the pulpit were provided by Ada Rolfe in memory of her husband.

  Memorial to Princess Pocahontas was erected in the north aisle in 1933.     This plaque lists 12 Heacham people who went out in a boat on a disastrous pleasure outing.  


The hatchments (north clerestory wall) showing the arms of 3 local gentlemen
- Nicholas Styleman, Edmond Rolfe Sr and Edmond Rolfe Jr.
The arms of their wives was displayed on the south wall opposite.




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