The Pocahontas Players Present

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The Story
Adapted by Jim Race
The Cast
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Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st January 2006

Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Jan Curtis from the Pocahontas Players
for assisting with this feature by supplying photos and information


The Baron has no money and is in deep do do.  However, help is on the way as the Mafia offer him a deal to help restore his money.  Cinderella knows nothing of this but her faithful Nany, Val Crow, knows what the Baron is up to but cannot tell Cinders the secret.  The scheme goes wrong and the Baron must find a rich wife to save him from the Mafia.  Unfortunately the widow he chooses has two ugly daughters who make Cinder's life a misery.  Cinders can't understand why Val Crow won't rebel with her against the ugly sisters.  Meanwhile, the Prince, helpd by Dandini is hunting for a wife and the local press has wind of the Mafia deal and plant a reporter in the Baron's house.  Cinders is banned from going to the ball.  Will she get there?  Will her Fairy Godmother arrive in time?  How will she travel?  Will she meet the Prince?  Who knows but if you stay long enough you will find out.

Boo the baddies, cheer the goodies!!!

Try not to upset the Mafia - you could get wet!!

  Scene 1

Baron's Study - The Deal

  Scene 2 The Kitchen - The Disaster  
  Scene 3 Baron's Study - The Widow Arrives  
  Scene 4 Prince Charming Charms - Not!  
  Scene 5 The Kitchen - Cinderella Worries  
  Scene 6 Baron's Study - The Invitation  
  Scene 7 The Kitchen - Ugly Sisters Prepare  
  Scene 8 The Kitchen - Fairy God Mum Prepares  
  Scene 9 The Ball  
  Scene 10 The End - You have to wait and see!!!