The Pocahontas Players Present

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Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st January 2006

Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Jan Curtis from the Pocahontas Players
for assisting with this feature by supplying photos and information
  CINDERELLA   Ellen Bray  


  BARON LOTT   Stan Hatherly    
  VAL CROW   Gary Pearce    
  PRINCE CHARMING   Jenny Rudd    
  DANDINI   Jo Humphries    
  WIDOW LASTIC   Elain Pygall    
  UGLY SISTERS : Ni-Agra Janice Curtis    
    : Vi-Agra Jeannie Tooley    
  SCOOP   Laura Kemp    
  THE KING   Robin May    
  THE QUEEN   Pat Southgate    
  BIG LOUIE   Anna Pamplin    
  MACARONI   Peter Everingham    
  MINISTRONE   Jim Race    
  FAIRY GOD MUM   Sally Garrod    
  KING'S FOOTMAN (& Editor) Mark Harrison    
  THE GIRLS } Elaine Knight    
  as passersby 1&2, girls 1&2 } Sarah Parkinson    
  and maids at the ball } Claire Kitchener    
  HELL'S ANGEL   Dave Curtis    
  KING'S MESSENGER   Lin Woodley    

Written by Jim Race - Directed by Peter Everingham & Janice Curtis
Backdrops by Colin Crane (Paris Print) - Costumes by Janice Curtis & Sally Garrod
Lights & Sound Effects - Dave Curtis & Mark Harrison
Prompt and Curtains - Lin Woodley
Musical Direction - Jeannie Tooley
Stage Management - The Cast
Music Backing Tapes - Brian Brackenbury
Front of House - The Pocahontas Players' Supporters
Ticket Sales - Janet Race
Props & Scenery - Dave Curtis & the Players