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PAGE 2 - MAY 2006
Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
Tel: 01485 571913

If you are something of a poet and would like the chance to be published on HOL then get writing.
Our resident poet will choose two poems to be published on this page each month.
The theme is the best of Heacham and Norfolk.


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Welcome to Poet's Corner.
As we are having a Scarecrow Festival at the end of May, I thought you might like

to read this excerpt from the diary of my scarecrow.

Thank you to Steven Dix for the poem about our lovely beach.

We also received a nice poem about a Summer Sunday in Norfolk;

this will be one of our poems for next month.

Don't forget to tell us a little about yourself when submitting poems,

including contact details (these will not be published if you prefer).

Poet's Corner will be up-dated regularly with details of future "themes" and

news of competitions; meetings etc.  Please visit again soon.

Stella and I will be at the Heacham Scarecrow Festival on Sunday, 28 May.

Please come and say hello.

Bye for now.


An excerpt from The Diary of Sylvester the Scarecrow

By Doreen H Reed


I stand here watching oer the crops

My arms are stretched out wide

My body dressed in some old clothes

And stuffed with straw inside


I know that Im not handsome

I know that Im not smart

My eyes too close together

And my ears too far apart


Ive been photographed by tourists

Heard conversations and bird song

I stand still, proud and silent

Every night and all day long


I heard the farmer saying

That a fun event is planned

A Festival of Scarecrows

This does sound rather grand


At Millbridge Nursing Home in Heacham

May 28 the date

Im getting quite excited

cos Id love to meet a mate.

by Steven Dix

Heacham Beach,
What a Peach!
North and South and the bit between,
Always kept nice and clean.

The softest sand,
It is so grand.
By far the finest
in all the land.

On England's East,
But facing west,
Its because of this
Our sunsets are the best.

A place for me and my wife Sue,
A shame for my dog his life is through.
He would of loved it here by the sea,
In this pretty village with my wife and me!

 HOL's NOTE: If you have not seen Heacham Beach and would like to
see what Steven's poem is about then
click here.