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Heacham Beach - Best in Norfolk

Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank the "Keep Britain Tidy Campaign"
 for making this feature possible and for photo contributions
from Malcolm, Skippy,  Nicola O'Callahan, Sue Giles and Keith Pritchard.
The credit for the outstanding sunset shots go to Keith Pritchard and Sue Giles.

Only one beach in Norfolk has been given the thumbs up
 in a survey of England's cleanest rural beaches.


In a recent Keep Britain Tidy Campaign survey (results published April 2006), Heacham Beach was highlighted  as the only Norfolk beach to qualify on their list of the cleanest rural beaches.


The award applauds Heacham for its sands, access, clean toilets, clean water to paddle in and good health and safety provision. (The water has been assessed by the Environment Agency!)

 Heacham is rightly proud of its beaches which,
in conjunction with the sensational sunsets on offer here,
make Heacham a particularly great place to visit.
Alan Woods, the Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy said:

“The great strength of our coastline is that it has so many different things
to offer but while people visit it for a myriad of different reasons
they insist on good facilities and clean sands when they get there
– and that’s just what they’ll get at our recommended beaches.”

I think we have banished the tacky image of dirty sands,
clapped-out amenities and polluted water to the dustbin of history –
and people are genuinely enjoying our coastline again.
But we need to celebrate the diversity of our seaside
more aggressively and push it
as a place where you can enjoy everything
from a morning catching the surf to a lively night out on the town.

That is why we are developing a new award
which will sign post visitors to the kind of beach they’re looking for.
And I have no doubt that many of those we are celebrating
as rural havens today, will feature prominently
when we announce them next summer.”