Heacham Celebrates Jamestown Anniversary
  Sunday, 8 July 2021  
Photos are a joint effort between Malcolm and Stella of HOL - thank you to Malcolm.
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Once at the sports field Heacham Parish Clerk, Philippa Sewell (who was dressed as a male peasant!) introduced "Captain John Smith" who told the tale of Jamestown and Pocahontas as Heacham residents and children (dressed in character) walked the length of the marked out arena to help illustrate the story.

The sound of an original Hurdy Gurdy instrument and songs from the Tudor era could be heard throughout the day.  Once the story telling was over, children and adults participated in old crafts such as the making of Native American friendship feathers, suncatchers, Tudor Pouches, clay charms and Lady Rebecca's fans  and got to take the results of their hard work home.

Making a Lady Rebecca fan

Heacham Digital Camera Club and the Jamestown Committee manned stalls at the event with the Camera Club selling many quality photographs of local attractions and the Jamestown Committee offering a selection of commemorative gifts.


Michelle King (right above) and another lady (left above) demonstrated the old fashioned craft of reed cutting.  These ladies are part of a team of 10 people especially recruited by the Norfolk Broads Authority and each are trained by local reed cutters in order to help keep the ancient crafts alive today.  The scheme is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Broads Reed & Sedge Cutters Association (BRASCA) who have been instrumental in halting the decline in this industry.

Pictured above are (Left to Right)
Judy Richardson (aged 11) as Pocahontas with Thomas Richardson (aged 10) as John Rolfe
"Captain John Smith"
John Harris as a Pilgrim Investor
Don & Cynthia Wilson as Queen Anne & King James

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