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Tuesday, 9th and Wednesday, 10th May 2006

Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Jan Curtis from the Pocahontas Players
for assisting with this feature by supplying photos and information
  Click to see the Players do "Cinderella"
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  Once again the stars of
Pocahontas Players
trod the boards and performed their
Olde Time Music Hall
to a packed house both nights.
Some of Heacham's oldest
residents were invited as guests
of honour over the two evenings.
Jan Last
Programme Sales
  Margaret Jeacock
Raffle Sales
The Company
Songs of Yesterday
Scottish Medley On the Wednesday evening, Mr Bertie Coleman (aged 93)
was the guest of honour along with his wife Ann.
Mrs Alice Bowman (aged 97) was a guest of honour on the Tuesday evening.
Unfortunately, no-one managed to take Mrs Bowman's photo.
War Time Finale 
Gary Pearce &
Jimma Race
Two Heacham Ladies
Finale Peter Everingham &
Jeannie Tooley
Al Jolson Medley
Ed Bennett & Jenny Rudd
Cold Stream Guard & Midwife
Ed Bennett
Thank Heavens for Little Girls
Brian Brackenbury
Musical Director
Jaime Tooley
Peter Everingham & Jan Curtis
Jeannie Tooley The Company Scottish Flavour