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Feature and Photos by Stella of Heacham-On-Line

On Thursday, 24 August 2006,
there was a presentation to the Lavender Trust
of the monies raised from this year's Lavender Festival.
A cheque for 201.00 was presented to the Trust
by Henry Head, MD of Norfolk Lavender,
and a cheque for 228.52 was also presented by
ladies from the Lavender Lacemakers.
Congratulations to Norfolk Lavender
and the ladies from the Lavender Lacemakers
for all their hard work.

Pictured above with Henry Head are The Lavender Lacemakers (who are all dressed in their uniform purple tops)
and representatives of the Lavender Trust (which is part of Breast Cancer Care).

The Lavender Lacemakers representatives were: Lynn Hallifax, Kath Ratcliff, Sylvia Argyll,
Shirley Sinclair, Ruby Middleton, Joyce Wilson, Iris Allen, Susan Rowe.

The Lavender Trust representatives were: Jasmine Fulcher, Margaret Ward, Pat Press.