Saturday, 24 and Sunday, 25 June 2021
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Feature and Photos by Stella of Heacham-On-Line

The warm weather helped encourage  hordes of visitors to Norfolk Lavender's two day Lavender Festival in Heacham.

There were lavender food and drink tastings in the Tea Room and Henry Head gave a talk & demonstration on lavender oils. 


Lavender Craft demontrations by Sheila Taylor (in the gift shop), Lavender Lacemakers (in the Tea Room) and wood turning were other features of the event.  The usual children's favourite - face painting - was also on offer in the gift shop as was a lucky dip and quiz.


Staff at the garden centre were very much into the spirit of the occasion with lavender painted on their faces.  With a departure from the lavender theme, I did see one chap with St George's Cross painted across his face.  Unfortunately, the photo did not come out well.


On the Saturday, under the directorship of Mrs Griffin (and a colleague - do you know her name?), Heacham Junior School Choir entertained a full Tea Room audience with an extensive programme.


Amongst all this activity there were still those who preferred to enjoy a little peace and quiet in the site's tranquil gardens.  "Produced in Norfolk" held their Food & Craft Fair in the warehouse at Norfolk Lavender where over 20 stallholders exhibited their wares, all of which were made locally here in Norfolk.


Regular guided tours of Norfolk Lavender were available throughout both days.  This proved very educational and included the herb garden (with an overview of the benefits and uses of herbs).  I also learned that this year's lavender crop remained some weeks away from harvest owing to the dramatically changeable weather we have had this year.  (Normally the harvest would be well underway in late June but the strange weather had affected the growth pattern of the lavender.)  What a shame - it would have been interesting to observe the oil extraction process but alas it was not to be.


Despite the lavender harvest being a little slower than we would like, this did not detract from the beauty of Norfolk Lavender over the weekend nor the enjoyment of all that it offers.

The organisers of the event should give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done.  It was an enjoyable festival and nicely balanced.  I hope there will be a repeat next year.