Have You Been Photographed With A

Here are the first two photos received

The first photo we received for this new feature was of Heacham lad Daniel Partyka.  It was taken in 1997 when Daniel was aged 4, and the big fella with him is of course retired boxer Frank Bruno.
Daniel entered the local Lynn News competition for
'The Dirtiest Kid in Britain'
and won through to the next round which was for
the whole of East Anglia area and again won.  He then went forward to represent East Anglia
in the UK Competition which was run by 'Vanish'
This was held at Rossway Park in Hertfordshire where
Daniel finished as one of the runners-up

Peter Cousins and Duke of Edinburgh

Photo was taken when the Duke of Edinburgh visited Ely (Cambridgeshire) to open the 'Jubilee Gardens' on 11th February 2002. Peter was involved in the opening because he had
been awarded the 'Chairman's award for young people' for doing charity work in the area.
Peter lives in Soham in Cambridgeshire, but his family  has had a caravan on the Park
Resorts (previously Haven) site in South Beach Road, Heacham for the past 20 years, so he feels a part of Heacham!

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