Terms & Conditions


Provisional Booking


Having decided on the date/time of your event and the facilities required, please check availability.  A provisional reservation may be held pending receipt of confirmation as stated in section 2 below.  You will receive written confirmation of the arrangements in advance of your event.

2. Confirmation and Deposit

You should respond to our written confirmation of the arrangements in writing as soon as possible but no later than 14 days from the date of our letter.  Your letter should enclose:

  • a signed copy (each page) of these Terms & Conditions to indicate acceptance of the terms; and
  • payment of the room/area hire charge (cheques should be made payable to Country Inns - The Wheatsheaf).  Payment may also be made by cash or by credit card transaction at The Wheatsheaf Inn.

NB: The Room/Area hire fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

3. Final Numbers

Confirmation of final numbers, menu choices, table plans and seating/food cards should be received 14 days prior to your event.  A refund cannot be made after this if your numbers should decline.

4. Payment

Final payment must be received 14 days prior to the event.  Should these terms not be adhered to The Wheatsheaf Inn reserves the right to withdraw from the event and to levy a cancellation charge.  Any additional charges incurred on the day/evening must be settled within 7 days of your event.  Invoiced payment will only be accepted on written confirmation.  Cheques should be made payable to Country Inns - The Wheatsheaf.  Payment may also be made by cash or by credit card transaction at The Wheatsheaf Inn.

5. Cancellation and Notice

Cancellation must be made in writing to Mr & Mrs A Gooch, The Wheatsheaf Inn, 5 Lynn Road, Heacham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 7HU.  Below is the amount of the total value of the event charge (as a percentage) which will be payable in the event of cancellation within the indicated times.

Notice of Cancellation Payment Required
Up to 14 days
Between 2 and 4 weeks
Between 4 and 8 weeks


Breakages & Damages
  Breakages and damages will be chargeable to the organiser.  The organiser is the person who confirmed the booking and signs to accept our Terms & Conditions.

7. Right to Refuse
  The Wheatsheaf Inn reserves the right to refuse admission to:
  • anyone attending an event who has been previously barred from the premises by the management;
  • guests whose behaviour is inappropriate (ie disruptive, aggressive, abusive, causes damage); and
  • guests with inappropriate dress (no vest tops - sleeved shirts must be worn).
8. Events Booked With 14 Days or Less Notice
  If your event is being arranged with insufficient time to satisfy paragraphs 1-5 (inclusive) then the following applies:
Item Payable
Room/Area Hire Charge
Food Charges
Outstanding Balance
At time of booking (non-refundable)
7 days in advance of event
24 hours in advance of event
9. Children

Well-behaved children (under parental supervision at all times) are welcome to participate in your event.  In particular, children playing in the garden/play areas or enjoying the pool room do so only under parental supervision.  Out of consideration to our neighbours there should be no children in the garden after 9pm.  Please note that any damage/disruption caused by inappropriate behaviour is fully chargeable to the organiser and may also result in the family unit being asked to leave (see section 6 and 7(c)).

10. Extensions
  Extensions beyond permitted hours must be requested at time of booking.
11. Discussing Any Aspect of Your Event

To avoid disappointment, please telephone Anthony or Stella Gooch to make a mutually agreeable appointment to discuss any aspect of your arrangements, including making payments.


These Terms & Conditions are correct at time of going to press.  
A hard copy of current Terms & Conditions are available from The  Wheatsheaf Inn, Heacham.