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In 2005, we had the idea that an old carriage refurbished as accommodation would be a great attraction for Heacham to complement our existing waiting room accommodation at Heacham Station.  The idea gained momentum and after a long search a British Rail First Class coach (63 foot long and 9 feet wide) - which had been in regular use until mid to late 2003 - was found at Shackerstone, Leicestershire (apparently known as the Battlefield Railway).


The announcement.

The first movements begin.


Oh dear that tree is a problem!  The tree cutting was quite an operation involving reinforcements and a tree surgeon team.


Off we go again.  Oh dear - has that telegraph pole got to go
as well? No we think we will manage.

Finally its done - with inches to spare (not many!).
The driver clears the buildings and is safely in the back garden.

Arrival of the coach at Heacham Station was somewhat delayed to allow replacement of the carriage wheels (bogies) to wheels more suited for many years of stationary service in Heacham.  The carriage had arrived in Heacham late in the day and thus rested up in the car park of The West Norfolk Hotel until the following day.



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