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Information Centre

16 High Street Heacham King's Lynn Norfolk PE31 7ER

Opening Hours




10am to 1pm

General Telephone Enquiries

01485 579077

Thursdays will be reserved for

'Specialist Days'

 Manager & Trustees

01485 579336

We pride ourselves in providing accurate information.  If we are unable to find the information you require we will guide you to the most appropriate and competent source of help...Come in and find out what services we provide.

Specialist Days


Who Wants to be a Volunteer?
Whilst we value our existing volunteers, we still need more. Volunteering is not just one sided and can be very beneficial to both the organisation and the individual
Volunteer - Volunteering is a rewarding experience and also an opportunity to brush up on existing skills and even acquire new ones
The work of Age Concern Heacham & District focuses on the well being of older people and responds to local needs and concerns
For further details about volunteer opportunities please call 01485 579336

To contact us by e-mail click on our e-mail address below [email protected]