Extracts from a booklet published by Home Office Communication Directorate - Dec 2001


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What Are the Issues?


The internet revolution has transformed all of our lives, rewriting the rules about how we communicate with each other, how businesses operate and how we conduct our daily lives.  The internet has given young people , in particular, a virtual playground, an international school and a place to meet and make friends.  More than any other group, young people have embraced the new technologies and made them their own - at school, at home and with friends.

But, sadly, the internet - like so many other technological advances - is not immune from criminal abuse, and can bring its own dangers, not least to our children.  Behaviour on the internet is subject to the same rule of law as the real world.  And, just as in the real world, we need to take precautions on the internet to protect ourselves from harm.

The Government's Task Force on Child Protection on the internet is a positive partnership of experts from the internet and computing industry, child protection organisations and the police, which is working to make the UK the best and safest place in the world for children to use and enjoy the internet.

As parents and carers, you have a crucial role to play.  Whatever your internet experience or expertise, this booklet is not intended to alarm you, but to alert you to the potential dangers that children may face online and help you to help them surf in safety.

The Home Office booklet these pages are based on was produced thanks to help from ChildLine, Childnet International, the Internet Service Providers Association, the Internet Watch Foundation and the NSPCC.


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