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Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
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Welcome To Poets Corner.

Well Christmas is very close now.  I guess you are all busy
with lists for this and lists for that.
The Dickensian evening on 1st. and the mini market at The Wheatsheaf
on the 2nd helped make gift buying a pleasure.
I am all for shopping for clothes, decorations, jewellery etc.
whilst enjoying the warmth of a log fire.

I am delighted with the poems received during November.
Surprisingly, there was only one about Christmas
so I have added one of my own this time.
I can promise there are a number of lovely poems
for you to look forward to during the coming months.

Special thanks to Stan Gilbert for his meaningful poem.
Stan lives in Lowestoft and has had 4 books published.

Wish you all a lovely Christmas and a happy healthy 2007.

Bye for now






Why Only At Christmas?

By Stan Gilbert


We spend our time at Christmas giving gifts galore

People will mostly give at that time more donations to the poor

The Church resounds with Carols at services night and day

Those who do not attend all year seem they cannot stay away

Passing strangers on the street seem filled with good cheer

They say Merry Christmas and wish all a Happy New Year

Then when the New Year comes along they have a different mind

Picking all the faults and arguments that they can possibly find

Loving ways seem to be gone, kindnesses are forgotten

They dont seem happy unless they can make everyone feel rotten

Oh, how I wish that Christmas spirit could last the whole year through,

So that the bad-tempered people felt what they should so,

Is have a lovely nature, be helpful, loving and kind

Doing all the pleasant happy things that they can ever find.

Then their own lives would be happy and they would enjoy life,

Instead of trying so hard all year to cause trouble and strife

If everyone treated others as a lifelong friend

The world would be a lovely place with joy that has no end.











Last Year I Bought a Fresh Turkey

By Doreen Reed


Last year I bought a fresh turkey
Id invited a few friends to stay
It would be nice to have a traditional lunch

Together on Christmas Day.

I should have known it was too big for my oven

But I guess I got carried away,

So I cut it in two and cooked half Christmas Eve

The rest I cooked on Christmas Day


Though I say it myself it was delicious

My friends were very impressed

Even after theyd all had second helpings

I still had lots of it left.


I cut some up for Tibs, my cat

He enjoyed this special treat

So I minced some more and filled a large bowl

With enough to feed him for a week


On Boxing Day we had turkey cold

With chutney and celery too

The next day I made a few dumplings

And we all had a nice Turkey stew.


I made some Turkey pate

We had that on toast for tea

The following day there was still plenty left

So I made a Turkey curry


Next day I would make a Turkey pie

I still had 4lbs or more

But my friends found reasons to go home

And my cat kind of moved in next door.


So I put the meat in my freezer

Cooked the carcass to make some stock

I defrosted a packet of seafood

And had that stir-fried in my Wok


We are meeting up again this Christmas

This time it will be a winner

They considered my culinary skills from before

We are going to a Hotel for our dinner.