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 PAGE 5 - AUGUST 2006
Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
Tel: 01485 571913


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Welcome to Poet's Corner for August.
We didn't receive many poems this month,
I guess many of you were enjoying the hot weather,
or perhaps, like me, seeking shade.

Thanks to James Stuart for sending us his view of poetry "Verse or Worse"
and a special thanks to Geoffrey Harris for writing
"This Modern World" specially for Poet's Corner.
It is so true that when we let time rule our lives we can miss so much.
One of the many things I love about living here in Norfolk
is the slower pace of life.

For September there is no theme for poems.
For October, I thought it would be nice to have poems about the month
of October.  Please send us any self-penned poem, max 40 lines,
that you would like to share with visitors to our website.

Please give a few details about yourself, in particular
a contact telephone number or email address.
Personal details will not be published.


Poetry Corner will be updated regularly with details of
future Ďthemesí and news of competitions; meetings etc.
Please visit again soon

Bye for now.


 AUGUST 2006

Verse or Worse

by James Stuart


Poetry for me,

is something I can take or leave.

Don't get me wrong,

I'm not out to deceive.

Early days of childhood,

may have been to blame.

'Tiger, tiger burning bright'

has never been the same,

since I recited

'What immortal hand or eye

could frame thy fearful,

symmetrical drawing!

Y'see I found it boring!


But 'two of the best'

helped keep my memory clear.

As did the teacher's

tweaking ,on my ear.

When I said ' A host of daffy dilly'

which to this kid,

wasn't half as silly

as, Stands the clock at ten to three,

and is there honey still for tea?'


Now what I do find real clean fun

are saucy snippets from John Donne.

Can't  say how many times I've read

that robust poem 'Going to bed'.

And Betjeman's poems really work.

Who can resist his cheeky smirk?


Like I said, I can leave 'em or take 'em,

so long as the poet does not make 'em

beyond my ken.

For like most men.

On things I like I get really keen

Know what I mean. 


This Modern World
By Geoffrey J Harris


This modern world is full of pace

Created by the human race

Time rules our lives in every way

Every minute of the day


Looking back to times past

The pace of life was not so fast

No computers or deadlines to meet

Just a gentle stroll on two good feet


Now its hurry here and hurry there

No time to talk, or stand and stare

No time for others, itís me, me me

Where will it end, we must wait and see


Much is missed by speeding past

The fields, the birds - so not so fast

A gentler pace, more time to look

All around is an open book


So try to live at a slower pace

Itís better for the human race

More time to think, to see to care

A little slower getting there.