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Welcome to Poet’s Corner

When I first got my 2007 diary I made an entry on October 1st. To start preparing for Christmas to avoid last minute panic; but here we are almost in December and all I have done for Christmas is made 6lbs of mincemeat and counted how many cards I have left from last year.

The last few months have been very busy though.  I am pleased to say I have been reading my poems to a number of audiences.  I have also written a few “Special” poems and I have recorded another CD.  This one I have called “Facts, Fibs& a Pinch of Salt” which most people agree, sums up my stories quite well.  If you follow “What’s New” on you will see some of the events that have taken place.  I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to say hello to some of you during the year.

I am sure you will enjoy my choice of poems for December.  My thanks to David Bird of Heacham, Evelyn J Linke of Gayton and Stan Gilbert of Lowestoft for their contributions.

Don't forget to keep on sending us your self-penned poems which are no more than 40 lines.  Please also include a few details about yourself with a contact phone number or email address.  Poet's Corner will not publish any personal details if you prefer.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a contented New Year.

Bye for now,



Doreen's day in the recording studio
to record her new poetry CD called
"Facts, Fibs & a Pinch of Salt
assisted by Mervyn Futter
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By David Bird

Friends to me are special
They have been all my life
They've been there since my early days
And stand by me in strife
If ever I'm in trouble and had a terrible day
Can you come and help me
Of course we will they say.

I try my best to repay these deeds
By helping those whose who shout with needs 
I feel that I can do my best

in times of trouble or deep duress
For those that need me I will try
To give as much as one can strive
I'm here for all each and every day
Without a fuss I give back in my own way




By Evelyn Jane Linke

Time continues to stalk in the shadows
With all its imperfections
Hiding away in a sienna haze
Sieving through heavy beliefs
Sometimes cheating upon us
Swallowing up precious days

I will not dismiss past feelings
Of total bliss
You gave me wisdom
Life is fulfillment

The young must find the same response
As nature make it all so clear
Time I didn't see you coming
Perhaps shadows are a little too near


Celebrate Christmas Day

By Stan Gilbert

Weeks leading up to Christmas are as busy as they can be,

Shoppers are buying nearly all the things they can see,

Presents for the young ones such as games for the boys,

Dolls and such for the girls and many sorts of toys,

A necklace for the wife, a pair of stockings for Mother,

What do they get Dad? They will think of something or other

A Christmas cake they must have and plenty of nuts

A turkey or a goose of that there is no ifs or buts,

A pudding and lots of sweets to fill them with Christmas cheer,

Christmas crackers and most of all lots and lots of beer,

Don’t worry about the cost they never worry or fret

Although they know full well it will run them into debt

They never think of the destitute, the sick or the poor,

Nor do they think of what the celebration is really for,

If only they would think it is for celebrating Jesus’ birth,

When he came down from Heaven to live here on earth,

To take all of mans wicked sins and evil ways away,

That is really why we celebrate on Christmas Day

There Are Many Things I Love About Christmas
By Doreen Reed


There are many things I love about Christmas

Like the memories of when I was young

I was blessed with wonderful parents

They worked hard and made Christmas such fun

Preparation would have taken much of their time

Mum and Dad would have made us some toys

I guess that would now seem quite humble

To today’s young girls and boys


The excitement when Santa was coming

It was so hard for children to sleep

We knew our toys would disappear

If we even dared to peep


A Christmas dinner of roast chicken

Was a very special treat

I loved it too on Boxing Day

With yummy Bubble and Squeak


Many years have passed since my childhood days,

I love Christmas now in other ways.


There’s more love and warmth inside people’s hearts

They make time for family and friends

If there’s been any differences during the year

It’s a good time for making amends


Although people are busy throughout the year

during December they make time to send

good wishes on cards or in letters

to their loved ones and all of their friends


There’s no cards reading “Sorry I forgot Christmas”

like there are for most special days,

everyone knows when it’s Christmas

and they spend it in their different ways,


I thank the Lord for many things in my life

For my health and for those I hold dear

And I thank him so much for this Landmark we have

In our lives at this time of the year.