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PAGE 12 - JUNE 2007

Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
Tel: 01485 571913


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Welcome To Poet’s Corner

I have recently received 3 copies of “Home Thoughts” an anthology of poetry published by United Press Ltd. I entered my poem entitled “Mercedes Gleitz” in to their competition and I am pleased to say it appears on page 152 of this book. I am delighted that Heacham has a mention. I will leave a copy of this book at The Wheatsheaf Inn for interested guests and customers to read.

I am sure you will enjoy another poem by Joyce White this one about the Lifeboat men. As Joyce says, a “fine and gallant crew”

Please keep on sending us your self-penned poems When sending poems, please make them 40 lines maximum and please include a few details about yourself with a contact phone number or email address. No personal details will appear on Poet’s Corner if you prefer.


Bye for now, Doreen


I have had Blue Tits and Blackbirds nesting in my garden. I did hope to see the young but the parents are most protective and sneak them away during the early hours. Ducks too are most protective. I do admire the way they control their group of as many as 18 ducklings. I am amazed, however, that they often take their young across the road just where there is a drain. It is quite a common sight at this time of the year to see a kind man with his hands in a drain rescuing young ducklings. I have written a poem on this plight and when Stella told me she had received this lovely picture of a mother duck and her 13 ducklings crossing Staithe Road in Heacham I asked if the photographer, Mark Richards (it was taken on 7 May 2022), would allow me to use it for this month's Poet's Corner.  Mark kindly gave his permission so thanks very much to Mark.

Note from Stella of HOL: The photo above plus another photo of local ducks have been received recently
so check out the photoalbum to see these great pics up close.


A Duckling's Plea

By Doreen Reed

You take us from our cosy nest
While we are small and thin
When we cross those grids dear Mother
You must know we could fall in.

I know quite soon we’re rescued
So we’re not down there for long

But it isn’t very nice for us

Cos dear Mum it don’t half pong.

Perhaps you find it hard to cope
And don’t want all of us
Tho you always seem to be distraught

And you really make a fuss.

I am thankful for those human hands

That come and fish us out

Just take us to the duck pond Mum
And let us swim about.
I’m grateful for the way you care
I don’t like to complain
But when we cross the road dear Mum
Could you please avoid the drains?











The Lifeboat Men of Old Hunstanton

By Joyce White

 The flare’s gone up, alarm bells ring
Crew has gathered as quick as a flash,
Bedecked already in wet-weather gear
Ready the waves to thrash

 All aboard the lifeboat
It’s just gone down the slip-way,
Bouncing along on white horses
No time for nerves to fray.

 Could it be someone overboard
In the cold and choppy water
“Hold on mate, help is near”
Imagine what the crew’s thoughts are.


They never think of their own skins
Out to save lives of others,
They’ve helped another to safety
No task too much to bother.

 Wet and cold they bring them in
A man along with his dog,
Ambulance crew is standing by,
Spectators, all agog.

A job well done, you lifeboat men
A fine and gallant crew.
So study the weather forecast in the ‘Wash’
Next time it could be you.

Note from HOL & Doreen:
We are sure Joyce includes the brave Lifeboat Women when writing this poem