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PAGE 11 - APRIL 2007
Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
Tel: 01485 571913


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Welcome To Poet’s Corner

I trust you are enjoying this lovely weather. I have been chatting to a number of people and asking them what thoughts do they have when they see the sun shining, their replies varied from picnics to spring cleaning, the latter giving me a twinge of conscience I have to confess. I hope you like the poem I have written on the subject.

I am sure you will enjoy the poem by Joyce White. Joyce is seen here taking part in the annual Heacham Entertainment Marathon organised by John Harris. Joyce has had a number of her poems published as collections, in anthologies, and on the internet.  Her poem “Happy Birthday Queen Mum” was included in a book presented to the Queen Mother on the occasion of her 99th birthday.

I look forward to receiving many more of your self-penned poems of no more than 40 lines.  When sending poems, please include a few details about yourself with a contact phone number or email address. No personal details will appear on Poet’s Corner if you prefer.

Bye for now,



I wait 'til there's a lot
By Doreen Reed

When I was quite a young child, back in the 1950’s
I was given pocket money and I soon became quite thrifty
Each day I’d have 3 pennies I’d buy some honeycomb
Parma violets or a wagon wheel, to eat on my way home.
Before too many weeks had passed I decided t’was a waste,
When just 10 minutes later I was left with just a taste.
I decided not to spend it I’d save it up for weeks
And then I could afford to buy a much more worthwhile treat.

When just a month or so had passed I had £1 to spend
I’d buy puzzles and a book to read, and share them with my friends
My childhood days are now long gone but that policy I use
Now I save up household chores and do them when I choose
My sister’s good at housework her home just looks brand new
But me, I’m just the opposite I find other things to do.


I don’t go round inspecting and wiping every spot
Or vacuuming or dusting no I wait ‘til there’s a lot.
When there’s dust on every surface and smears on all the tiles
and the paintwork has changed colour then the job becomes worthwhile
Then I try to spend a day or two or may be even more,
I dust and vac and wash and shine each ceiling, wall and floor
It does look nice, you have worked hard, my friends and family say
I got no compliments like that when I did it every day.

Of all the jobs I do in life housework’s the biggest pain
And just to think in 3 months time, It needs doing all again.
Untidiness and creativity they say go hand in hand
So if my home’s not spick and span I hope you’ll understand
So friends and neighbours, when you call you are welcome in my home
But please ignore the dust and bits just listen to my poem.










Thoughts of Summer
By Joyce White


The colourful dress of spring is here

Now that winter is laid to rest

It’s thoughts of summer that fill my head

To me the very best


The family will come to visit

During the kiddies vacation from school

Trips to the beach, sandcastles to build

Or a swim in the local pool.


Fish’n’chips, down by the sea front

No need to hurry back home

Watching the sun-set over the ‘Wash’

Having no wish to roam.


The warm balmy days of summer

Goes all too quickly for me,

They will all have lovely memories

When they spent time with us by the sea.