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PAGE 10 - MARCH 2007

Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
Tel: 01485 571913


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Welcome To Poet’s Corner

As this is the month when Mothers should be shown just how much they are appreciated I thought the short poem called “Daisies in a Jar” would bring back memories for many Mothers. This is another poem by Jenny Eleftheriades and appears in her published collection of poems “Do Not Wish For Bigger Feet”

I am sure a number of Mothers will have had daisies in an egg cup when they were small girls at home.  I know I often picked daisies from the field and took them home to my Mother and an egg cup made an excellent vase for the short stems.  Even now I regularly pick the daisies from the lawn before the mower goes over it and put them in an egg cup on my kitchen window sill.

I was delighted to read the poem by Nula about her love of Ireland.

Nula wrote "Ireland" after emigrating to live in Washington DC.  Nula lived in the USA for a good many years before returning to her homeland and now lives with her husband, Tom, in Wicklow in Southern Ireland.  She was inspired to let us see her poem after reading one of the poems I chose last month from Margery Cambridge who wrote of her love of Norfolk.I will be taking part in the entertainment marathon on Saturday, 17 March.  Full details are on the Bulletin Board.  I should be reading at 3pm, if you are there please come along and say hello.

Please keep on sending us your self-penned poems, it would be nice to have some about Easter. When sending poems, please make them 40 lines maximum and please include a few details about yourself with a contact phone number or email address. No personal details will appear on Poet’s Corner if you prefer.

Bye for now, Doreen

My Very Special Mum
By Doreen Reed

When celebrities win Oscars
It’s nice to hear them say
A big thank you to all the folk
Who have helped along the way.

‘Tho I’ve not won an Oscar
And I’m never likely to
For the guidance I have had in life
I’d like to say thank you
To my nursemaid, cook and chauffeur
Psychologist and housekeeper
My seamstress and my counsellor
My close friend and my teacher

I’ve had benefits of professions
And very many skills
I’ve been guided through my life with love
In health and through my ills

‘Tho the skills have many titles
I’m thanking only one
She was all these and so much more
My very special Mum.


Daisies in a Jar
By Jenny Eleftheriades

 Just some daisies in a blue egg cup

Given by my little girl

Perhaps nothing very much

Yet they bring such a tender memory of

My Gran putting daisies in a jar

And the little girl is me.










By Nula Faloone O'Connor

I left you so long ago

Yet I am bound to you forever

I had to spread my wings

Travel far and wide

From other shores

Watch the tide

I have flirted with many

Even given much love

But you hold my heart


I am part of your ancient times

Your wildness, your gentleness

Enfold my every day

When other seas and other climes

Their beauty engulfs my soul

Suddenly! my thoughts spin back to you -

To you, who holds my heart.