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 PAGE 1 - MARCH 2006
Resident Poet: Doreen H Reed
Tel: 01485 571913

If you are something of a poet and would like the chance to be published on HOL then get writing.
Our resident poet will choose two poems to be published on this page each month.
The theme is the best of Heacham and Norfolk.


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Welcome to the launch of Poet's Corner.
I thought it would be appropriate to begin with poems about Norfolk - in particular Heacham.
I hope you enjoy reading these.

Whether you are a resident of Heacham or a visitor, if you have written a poem that has a connection with the village and you would be happy to share it with others here, I would love to hear from you.

When contacting me it would be nice if you could give a few details about yourself please
(personal details will of course not be published if requested).

Poet's Corner will be up-dated regularly with details of future "themes"
and news of competitions, meetings etc so please visit again soon.

Bye for now.

Here's a few to get us started
 MARCH 2006

The Benefits of Slow Cooking and
Shopping in Heacham

by Doreen H Reed

 For many years I had lived by myself
So when cooking for 3 friends or more
I often found the veg were ready to eat
But the meat, in the centre, was raw.

 I went for a walk down the High Street
One cold and wet winter’s day
From A E. Wallis I bought a slow-cooker
I’d heard it was simple to cook food that way.

 Then I went in to my local butcher
I bought stewing steak and vegetables too
And at 11 o’clock the next morning
I prepared myself a stew

 At 6 in the evening, having cooked a few spuds
I lifted the lid of the pot
Then served myself a delicious meal
The meat was tender, tasty and hot

 So I invited 3 friends to dinner
I’d cook chicken in lemon and tarragon
When I put the chicken in the crock-pot
It was too big, the lid wouldn’t fit on.

 So I had to cut it into pieces
which really spoiled the effect
Although it was tender and tasty
The presentation didn’t really impress.

 I’m optimistic and I don’t give up hope
So I invited my friends once again
I’d found another recipe for slow cooking
This time for a nice leg of lamb

 So I measured my pot and went to see Alan
I bought six of his Great Big Eggs
I said, “I’d also like a leg of lamb
But there’s a favour I would like to beg.

 I plan to slow-cook this leg of lamb
So while I would like 3 pounds in weight
The size and shape is important too
Could you cut it 3 inches by eight?”

 So thanks to Alan and my slow cooking pot
The meal really was a success
I’d not been slaving over a hot stove
In fact it had caused me no stress

 Of all the benefits of shopping locally
The most recent one I have found
In supermarkets no one appears to have been taught
How many inches there are in 1lb.


A Visit to the W.I. Market
By Doreen H Reed


One Friday a friend came to visit
I took her to St. Mary’s Church Hall
It was the day there was a W. I. Market
My friend was intrigued by it all.

 There were cabbages, cauliflowers and spinach
And potatoes to boil or to bake
Carrots, green beans and cooking apples
And bread pudding like our Mums used to make

 There were cakes, scones and flapjacks
Strawberry jam, raspberry jelly and honey
Tea cosies, crocheted rugs, mitts and jumpers
and all excellent value for money

 My friend bought some crab apple jelly
She said it was delicious to eat with pork chops

She also used it in a recipe for pheasant
and couldn’t buy it like this in the shops.

 A little girl stood admiring the dolls dresses
and was thrilled when her Mum bought her one
she told me her doll was called Jenny
she couldn’t wait to go home and put it on.

 I saw a guy who I know is a bachelor,
buying cakes and a nice chicken pie.
He said no junk food for him,
although he’s no cook
He enjoys good food from the W.I.

 Around us there were smells of toast and coffee
Folks sat eating as they chatted to a friend

I looked around and saw many happy faces

It was a shame that it soon had to end.

 At eleven the members began packing
very soon they would be on their way,
they’ll spend next week working and making
to fill the stalls once again next Friday.



This of course

has now changed

to a monthly

Country Market.


Shopping in Heacham
by Sylvia Gooch

I am a frequent visitor to Heacham village fair
I try to use the local shops whenever I am there.
The prices are quite reasonable as far as I can tell
And the hard working traders are very nice as well.

A journey to Kings Lynn and back will take at least an hour by car or bus
So why not shop in Heacham and save all the hassle and fuss?
There are few, if any, Wardens and no fees to park your car
Or leave it in the garage - to walk is not so far.

And when you are in Heacham at Renaissance" or "Irene"
Or enjoying a "Chop n Change" or "Creative Hairstyling",
Before you rush off home again explore your local shops.
In Heacham you can buy most things from cottages to mops!
There are excellent butchers, fresh vegetables, fruit and fish
Bread, cakes and confectionary - what more could you wish?

I find the supermarket is getting "Nisa" every day.
Prescriptions and toiletries are just a step away.
There's toys, gifts, books and cards for every occasion.
A veritable feast for every persuasion.
There's knitting wool, shoe repairs, clothes cleaning and mending.
What's offered in Heacham seems to be unending.
There's so much you can find there why bother to go far?
You could build a house and furnish it, get a cycle or a car.
There's fish and chips and Chinese, or sandwiches to munch.
You can bet on almost anything if you should have a hunch.
And when you've done your shopping
and you want to eat and drink
Heacham offers all sorts - perhaps more than you think.
There's fast food and real ale, fresh food and wine
For lunches and for dinners in hostelries fine.

You've lost your local clothes shop; I wonder if you care
If you don't use the others, then soon they'll not be there!!
So please support your village, do not let it die
When you do your shopping do not pass Heacham by.
Dear Villagers of Heacham support your traders there
Remember "small shop" traders cannot live on air!

To the traders - I hope I have included everyone who is struggling to survive.
Forgive me if I left you out - I want you all to thrive.

PS: There's a vet for your pets, a doctor's practice for you,
A funeral service provider, Post Office and a dentist too.

by J G Lockwood

It’s on the road to nowhere,
Travellers pass it by,
Nobody comes to Norfolk
Without a reason why.

When God made Norfolk county
He showed his perfect art,
Within her proud, fair body
He hid a golden heart.

So come and visit Norfolk
Bide ‘til her spell is cast,
Then once you’ve learnt to love her,
You’ll love her to the last.