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In Heacham
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  A Brief Start Up History of "In Heacham"  

The In Heacham Initiative was formed in January 2004 by a group of Heacham based businesses who wished to focus on promoting and regenerating Heacham.  The group meets just once a month (the last Tuesday of the month) and works towards harnessing all that is good in Heacham and developing positive strategies that can be implemented (in co-operation with other bodies that promote Heacham).

As at May 2006 our membership has grown to 30 businesses and was renamed "In Heacham to reflect the focus on the group is on everything "In Heacham"!  In Heacham works very closely with Heacham-On-Line and the Heacham Newsletter to achieve its aims and would benefit from even more members. (It is hoped that all members will attend at least some meetings to make a contribution during the course of a year.)

It is hoped that "In Heacham" now plays an important part in village activity as a whole and acts a focus for propelling the economic and social life of Heacham forwards for the benefit of the village as a whole.


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