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Following two pioneering years as Chairman of  "In Heacham Initiative", Pam Griffin stood down and made way for new Chairman, Andy Lawrence.  Andy joins the long standing Secretary and Treasurer (respectively, Sally Bonfield and Roger Haverson) to carry on the work of the group in regenerating Heacham.
Pam was instrumental in the creation of the "In Heacham Initiative" and many plans are now close to fruition.
New Chairman, Andy Lawrence, is a trustee of The Christian Book Shop in the village and has his own business in Heacham.  Andy's first report in office on 28 March 2022 is detailed below.

Andy Lawrence & Pam Griffin        



This is my first report for the In Heacham Initiative and I would like to thank Pam Griffin for all the excellent work she has done for us over the past two years. 

Thanks to Pam and the other committee members, In Heacham has already developed some great initiatives and many of these will soon bear fruit.

Current activities that are near completion include:

¨    The Village Map showing shops and amenities will be displayed at the North Beach and in the High Street before the new visitor season gets underway.

¨    The “collective discount scheme” vouchers will be available for those businesses participating in the first issue in time for Easter shoppers and visitors to receive and use them.

¨    The members advertising campaign in the Lynn News Visitor Guide will continue in the 2006 issue.

Some other initiatives will be carried over from last year such as:

¨    The Children’s Treasure Hunt during the summer holidays.

¨    Continued lobbying of the Borough Council with regards to the car parking problems in the village.

¨    The possibility of radio advertising with KLFM.

Key relationships will be maintained and new ones developed:

¨    Co-operation and support for the Heacham-On-line website and with the Heacham Newsletter.

¨    Working with the Parish Council to promote and develop Heacham as a great village to visit and do business in.

¨    Seeking to share ideas and experiences with other village and town trade organisations such as Hunstanton United Businesses.

¨    The local Enterprise Agency will be asked to provide improved support and ideas to businesses in Heacham.

New ideas will be developed and tried, including:

¨    Organising practically useful workshops for businesses in Heacham on key business issues such as marketing.

¨    Supporting and benefiting from key village events such as the summer  carnival and the Pocahontas anniversary celebrations.

In all of this we are thankful for the support of our members and we depend upon this continuing to grow if we are to see fruitful results from our efforts.

I wish to encourage you all to play an active role in our activities this coming year.


Andy Lawrence