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Chairman’s Report for June 2006


During this month we have again been busy on your behalf.

In Heacham on KLFM

From mid-June until early September listen out for the In Heacham radio advertising on KLFM.  Nine members have joined In Heacham and Heacham-On-Line in a radio advertising campaign to raise awareness about what Heacham has to offer amongst locals and visitors.

A single advertising campaign cannot be expected to bring thousands of new visitors to Heacham by itself, so we have deliberately linked the advertising to Heacham-On-Line, where many of our businesses are advertised.

Feedback still needed on the vouchers (please)

We really would welcome your comments on the vouchers that have been in 13 of our shops since April:

¨       Have you been offered the vouchers whilst shopping in Heacham?

¨       Are the offers worthwhile?

¨       Are people “cashing them in?”

¨       Are the vouchers convenient to use?

 Please e mail me at [email protected] with your views.

Forthcoming events

The Treasure Hunt is taking shape.  Sally, John and Pam have produced the “story” and posters will be around shortly.  Please encourage the young people to get involved in this fun event.

Nick Daubney of our local Enterprise Service (NWES) is joining our monthly meeting on 27th June and I have been meeting with others from Business Link to help us plan a business-ideas event for September. 

Come to a meeting and give us your views

We would still really like to hear from any of you with:

¨       Ideas for events to promote or help Heacham businesses

¨       Ideas that might help Heacham businesses in any way

¨       Feedback on any of our activities


Andy Lawrence



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