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Chairman’s Report for August 2006

I hope that you are enjoying the Summer and that trade is good this year.

As August has been a bit of a let down in terms of the weather (unless you are a duck at Bray’s Pit of course  I hope that many of you will have encouraged your children or grandchildren to complete the Treasure Hunt. 

Completed forms are due back soon so please remind the children to return them quickly now.

In Heacham on KLFM

The KLFM campaign has continued through August and completes in early September.  It will be very interesting to see what has resulted in terms of people logging on to Heacham-on-line and finding out more about our village and what we have to offer in terms of shopping and entertainment in Heacham.

I hope to be able to report further on this next month.

Review of feedback on the vouchers

The final review of the voucher scheme is nearing completion and I will include the results in the September newsletter.  At present we do not have immediate plans to repeat the voucher scheme, but never say never!

Evening Event in October

Plans are coming together for a fun and informative business event at the end of October – before the clocks go back! 

Several business experts from the village and outside have agreed to share their valuable knowledge and experience with us in a fun and informal way. 

The key subjects for the event will be marketing, IT for business success, local government/regulatory, business planning, banking/finance and tax/legal issues for small and medium business.

Please be ready to put up posters in your shops and workplaces and invite business friends from the surrounding towns and villages!

We would still love to hear your views

We would still really like to hear from any of you with:

¨       Ideas for events to promote or help Heacham businesses

¨       Ideas that might help Heacham businesses in any way

¨       Feedback on any of our activities

You can e mail me your views at [email protected]

Andy Lawrence



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