Sunday 28th June 2009
 Funds Raised are in aid of the Charity Known as "Changing Faces"

Stella of HOL would like to thank David Bird for forwarding his letteron his Open Gardens
and to thank him for allowing us to use his photos


Malc on Line attended this lovely event - Click here to read his report



To All Our Very Dear Friends In Heacham

Changing Faces Open Gardens Sunday 28th June 2009

The last few months have been quite awful for lots of people not only here in Heacham but throughout the country and worldwide too with a very bad recession. People have cut back on so many of the things that they used to enjoy because the lack of money, its been a worrying time for all.

Unfortunately due to all of these problems charities have suffered quite badly and they are finding it more and more difficult to raise money to continue the hard work that they are doing, this of course includes Changing Faces. I do hope that the country will soon be on the mend again and that everyone will have a much brighter future to look forward to?

On lighter note we would like to inform you that we will be opening our gardens once again this year to raise some funds for Changing Faces. We will be opening a little later in June than our normal mid month slot due to other events happening within the village, we didnt want to clash with others who had already arranged dates for that particular time of the month.

There will be three gardens open again this year and if you feel youd like to join us by opening your garden too in order to help Changing Faces please do so. You may get in touch with me on the contact number given at the foot of this letter or perhaps email me if you like?

David & Joanne Bird at 19 The Drift. Heacham.

Stephanie Smeaton & Mo at 34a Kenwood Road. Heacham.

David Beeton & Fred Bissett at Le Strange Cottages. Hunstanton Road. Heacham.

The three gardens will open on Sunday 28th June 2009 from 2pm till 4pm apart from David & Fred at the Le Strange Cottages and they will open from 2pm till 5.30pm. The admission for entry into all three gardens is 1 for adults and children go FREE!

We will of course have our usual stalls in The Drift and Stephanie & Mo will be doing their teas, coffees & scones. People have remarked on how much they enjoyed the fine refreshments that they provided last year, thank you so much ladies for everything you did!

Please also remember the beautiful gardens at Le Strange Cottages. I think that David & Fred have one of the prettiest gardens here in our village that anyone could possibly want to see and we are really indebted to them for their help again this year?

May I also please ask that if you have any potted plants and good clean bric-a-brac that you dont require we would love to have them?  I can come and collect any items on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday leading up to the open garden weekend?

Regrettably I can only take quality bric-a-brac items as Ive have terrible problems in the past finding a new home for anything left over at the end of the day, inevitably Ive even tried to dispose of this at the tip because nobody wanted this and was told in no short terms to take it elsewhere. It was quite a headache on top of the hard work and preparation that wed gone through leading up to the opening of our gardens.

Here in The Drift weve been very busy re-arranging our garden due to me losing quite a few of my very best plants, as you know Im a keen Hosta fan?

A few years ago we set up the garden to be low maintenance by using a black membrane covering with a shingle layer on top that we then planted the Hostas through. This worked quite well for a few years but we then found the Hostas roots had started to work into the membrane; I seem to have lost several plants due to this problem. The ones that had survived werent doing very well either so its been hard work for Joanne, our very dear friend Ann from across the road and myself to sort this problem out.

Weve removed the shingle also the membrane and re-stocked the garden with several new Hostas along with other perennials in the hope that things will look better soon, its definitely going to take a couple of years to get established again anyway. I do hope youll still come to see what weve achieved so far and perhaps you might even give us a few new ideas on what we could do?

We look forward to seeing all our regular friends and many more new ones also and if you feel you can help by opening your own garden too wed love to hear from you?

With our very sincere wishes

David & Joanne
19 The Drift, Heacham
 07796 584406
[email protected]