An HOL Appeal for Help from the Public


Hi Stella

On Tuesday (20 May) evening we drove on a 200 mile round trip to Luton to pick up Oscar. The woman who had picked him up, took him home with her and kept him for 11 days then he left a few unsavoury 'deposits' on her carpet (good for him).  She then contacted the North Norfolk Dog Warden and left her details for me to ring her. She had no genuine excuse for keeping him. She said she had left contact details all over Norfolk but none of the ones she mentioned knew anything!!

Anyway he's back, the children are delighted and our very elderly Labrador has his annoying little friend back but also has a renewed zest for life.

Thank you for displaying this on the Heacham and Hunstanton site.  I would like to thank everyone for all the help in trying to find him, displaying posters and supporting my children in what was a difficult 11 days.


Theresa Mcgrath

On Saturday 10th May at approx 10.30-11am Tesco was delivering groceries to a house in Rolfe Crescent for young William's 4th Birthday party.  Whilst everyone was distracted, the family pet, a Shih Tzu dog, called Oscar (aged 10yrs) got out of the house.  The family spent the weekend searching and putting up posters around the village and the local press were notified.  Despite all these efforts, nothing has been heard to date.

On Sunday, 11th May (pm) a man who lives at the corner of Lynn Road and Nourse Drive rang in response to a poster and said he had seen a young woman almost hit a small black and white dog.  The young woman got out of the car and picked him up.  She apparently enquired if he knew the owner and he said no (the gentleman only lives in Heacham at weekends and generally lives in Cambridge).   The lady then put the dog in the car with her children and drove off.

Oscar is 10yrs old (The Lynn News had reported that he was 8yrs old but the family have since worked out that he is actually 10yrs old).  He is a small black and white, neutered male dog.  He is not microchipped and had had a barrel ID collar.  Sadly the family found the inner information tag in his bed. He had a royal blue, nylon collar on.

Oscar's "family" includes two very distressed little boys, Oliver 7 and William 4yrs. They also have an old Labrador called Jet who is deaf and almost blind and at 16yrs old it is likely the family will lose him soon as he is so quiet and sad.  Little Oliver and William would very much love to see Oscar again and hope that the lady that put him in her car has not taken him too far from the local area and will be able to return him to them asap.  Indeed, Oliver has offered all his 12.50 saved from his pocket money as a reward for his safe return as he is very much loved and missed. 

Oscar's family live at 1 Rolfe Crescent, Heacham - perhaps the lady may like to telephone Oscar's family on 01485  570767 and let them know he is OK and will be home soon.



If you have seen Oscar please call 01485 570767