Heacham-On-Line Just Shy of 300,000 Hits in 2007
(Hunstanton-On-Line 100,000 Hits
in Just 11 Months)
Stella of HOL would like to thank all the
photographers, editorial contributors, surfers and general supporters


At the start of 2007, I anticipated Heacham-On-Line might achieve 250,000 hits by the end of the year.  By the time the figures were in for the end of the summer I was hoping for 300,000. I anticipated hits of 50,000 for the first twelve months of the new Hunstanton-On-Line.  However, by November 2007 I was hopeful that 100,000 hits would be achievable in the first 12 months.

When I finalised the year I was very pleased to see that www.hunstanton-on-line.co.uk achieved more than 100,000, finishing the year with a total of 101,065 for it's first 11 months.  Heacham-On-Line's 2007 hits stopped short of 300,000 with a final total of 298,802.

I am delighted with the results of 2007 and hope this will be the start of many more surfers finding out all about our section of Norfolk's beautiful coastline.

So a big Happy New Year to everyone who helped to make it happen.