The First 100 Days
Our New Life at St Mary the Virgin, Heacham
September 2007 

Stella of HOL would like to thank The Rev. Steve Davies for sending in this feature and supporting photo

100 days old – as Vicar that is.  (You need a rather larger number than that to tally my chronological age.)  These first few months have been a whirl of activity.  There have been the “usual” events – baptisms, weddings and funerals; there was the planned flower festival, a concert with Carlo Curley and other activities in the church building with more to come – see elsewhere for details of the Killamarsh Silver Band concert.

We have enjoyed using the Vicarage garden.  There have been times when we have been able to sit outside in the evening and watch the sun go down and the sky light up in glorious shades of colour.  Much to our delight a great number of birds visit the lawn and borders although I have to admit that it is difficult to get enthusiastic over the pigeons.

The village has been very welcoming and I have lost track of the number of people Alison and I have met.

Our Church of St Mary has been part of this community for hundreds of years, seeking to serve the people.  It does this in the obvious ways – back to baptisms, weddings and funerals – as well as quieter ways, always seeking to listen to the words of Jesus for today.  Sometimes too, a voice has to be raised above the clamour of everyday life.

Jesus – loved by the people – also annoyed and frustrated the people.  He always seemed to antagonise officialdom although there were high ranking officials who listened and followed him.  He comes across as on the side of the poor and disadvantaged.  That is a challenge for me as I move into a second century.

Steve Davies
Vicar of Heacham

Alison & Steve Davies in the grounds of The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Heacham
following his induction as Vicar of the Parish