HOL - Changes to Site Hosting
Up-date 24 May 2022

Dear Surfer

By the time you are reading this the propogation process will have completed thus allowing the internet to realise HOL have moved hosting company.  As expected, there was some down time during the process but fortunately it was only a few hours.

I very much hope you will experience a faster service and that there will be little or no down time in the future.

Here's to happy surfing and a great summer!



  Announcement - 19 April 2022  

Dear Surfer

I must apologise to anyone who may have recently encountered “Service Unavailable” on www.heacham-on-line.co.uk and www.hunstanton-on-line.co.uk.  The reasons for this is that the servers which support the sites have increasingly let us us down ("1and1").  The past month, in particular, has seen a significant increase in the downtime experienced and it has affected both sites.  The technical difficulties experienced also affected 1and1’s ability to record site hits and figures were only recorded up to 10 April which is also unhelpful.  I have been more than patient with 1and1 and they have done nothing to show me that they can improve the situation and indeed matters have recently gone from bad to worse.  I have therefore no alternative but to move.

I have today committed to joining “FastHosts” and am working towards moving all data to their servers.  I believe that this move will improve matters and – even better – should there be a problem and I need to talk to anyone the company is 100% based in the UK which makes solving problems even easier.

I am assured that no down time should be apparent when the change takes place.  However, please bear with me as I work towards what will hopefully be a seamless transition.

I will up-date this message to let you know that the changeover has been successfully completed.