Friday 21 December 2021
102.00 raised for Changing Faces

Stella of HOL would like to thank David Bird for forwarding his report on this festive coffee morning
and to thank Peter Sutton for kindly offering the venue for the event




Dear Friends

About 4 weeks ago I was visiting Peter at Sutton's Estate Agents after having received a message via my daughter Lindsay that he would like to see me regarding some information that he wanted to tell me!
On visiting the office Peter and Jackie asked if I would be interested in having a Coffee Morning at his premises on 21st December in aid of Changing Faces.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity!  Peter said that we could use the office however we wished and suggested we put up some posters around the village to advertise the coming event!  I got in touch with the charity to ask if they could supply a few of their latest pictorial posters which might perhaps encourage people to come in and support the event and several posters had also been created by Jackie, these would be used in the village.  Peter used the front window plus one of his advertising boards within the office to make up a display with the relevant information about the Coffee Morning, he had also told me that one of his friends would be supplying some pastries for that morning.
I arrived at the office by around 9am on the morning of the 21st. Peter was then going off to Hunstanton to pick up the pastries for the event and Jackie had already started getting the tables and chairs ready for the people that we hope would turn up!  As most of you probably already know Peter has been very supportive of local events in Heacham and his most recent was that of the Centenary Celebrations of the Heacham Football Club which had also been displayed in his front window for some time which had made quite an impact on the people in the village! 

Peter turned up with a whole tray of goodies that had been donated and these were arranged ready and waiting for the people to arrive. The morning gradually progressed and a steady stream of people came in spending quite a bit of time enjoying the pastries, teas and coffee's a DVD had been playing throughout the morning showing the work of the charity and people seemed very interested by what was seen,  the people who attended were all very generous in giving donations to the charity.

The whole event ended by around 12.30am and at that particular time we had taken about 90 but as they days went by the amount had grown to 102 and this has been sent to Changing Faces!

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a very BIG THANK YOU to the people of Heacham as they are and always have been absolutely marvellous in supporting Changing Faces in whatever way they can, you're brilliant!

While I'm thanking people I would also just like to mention those others who had been major contributors in this fantastic charity event:-

Peter Sutton of Sutton's Estate Agents, without the generous support of this man it wouldn't have been possible! Thank you so much Peter!

To Jackie and Ronnie (from Sutton's) who worked tirelessly to help with the arrangements, the coffee's and tea's etc, Thank you both also for your wonderful kindness!

And finally to Paul Henry for supplying the wonderful pastries that everyone enjoyed so much!

Thanks to everybody!

With my sincere wishes for Happy New Year
David Bird

19 The Drift