"What Can I Give Him?"
A Christmas Nativity Play and Workshop

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Heacham on Saturday, 15 December 2021


Photos & Feature by Stella of HOL


A truly back to basics traditional Nativity was well underway at Heacham Village Church this Christmas time.  The Rev Alison Davies - supported by many industrious volunteers - promoted the concept to the local children and finally the participating children began work at 10am drawing, painting, weaving and were generally being creative.  The various tasks resulted in a very good stable scene and a re-enactment of the traditional nativity to an appreciative audience - and all was done in a morning!  The whole event was fantastic to witness and the warmth of both Christmas and community spirit was tangible throughout.

Baby Jesus was played beautifully by young Jamie Leo Terry, who made his debut acting performance for the occasion.  Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moment during the actual nativity that I neglected my photographic duties (I hope someone will be kind enough to send me one or two of theirs to add to this feature).

Following the nativity story, refreshments were served - among them were biscuits and bread made by the children during the course of the morning.  I hope you enjoy the photos.