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Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Ant Stone  for submitting editorial and photographs

On Sunday, 7 January 2007, my boys and I visited the stretch of Hunstanton Beach near the RNLI Station.  We had barely settled in to sandcastle building when I spotted a team of paramedics heading for the water.  Seconds later, the East Anglia Air Ambulance helicopter was on the scene.

It transpired that Nathan Abbott (25) and Anthony Stone (24) were Power Kiting using Flexifoil Bullet 4.5m kites in wind speeds of 22mph+. 

They were observed by Ian Wilson (25) and James Thomson (24). The friends had  travelled from Peterborough to enjoy Old Hunstanton's wide open beaches. 
However, at around 2pm in the afternoon, Nathan, an experienced kiter, was attempting to mimic a jump technique recently taught to him by fellow kiter, Anthony Stone.  During the attempt he was lifted approx 6 foot into the air but landed awkwardly and upon impact immediately knew he'd broken his lower right leg.

While James kept
Nathan warm and
provided general
comfort, Ian made
the 999 call
and ran to
meet the
Rapid Response man.

Following an
assessment of the leg
break it was decided
that 'Anglia One',
the East Anglian Air
Ambulance should be
called into action to
rescue Nathan from
the beach.
He was subsequently
taken to the Queen
Elizabeth Hospital
at King's Lynn.  

Despite experiencing a dull pain and nausea, Nathan said: "Everyone
involved played their
part and made me feel
assured and
I'd always wanted to
ride in a helicopter...
but maybe not in
these circumstances.
I won't be trying to
copy jumps of that size
again for some time." 

He also voiced  his
concern when he learnt
his trolley was to be
wheeled over a grass verge, due to the Air
Ambulance Heli-Pad
being sold off for
housing (?!).

This story just goes to show how much we depend on the Air Ambulance Service and how they need funds.
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Unfortunately, due to some bleeding complication, Nathan's surgery was delayed until Monday.
We hope to hear that Nathan is recovering well after a successful surgery.