Web Cams in Heacham!

Now that the North Beach Webcam has gone live
you can see any further webcam up-dates by clicking here.


Your Support is Needed

It is well known that web cams are a source of interest for many users of the internet.  Indeed, they are springing up in a number of coastal areas in particular.  The key advantage of web cams in these locations is the promotion of tourism.

The economy of Heacham would very much benefit from increasing the number of visitors to the village.  Heacham-On-Line continues to grow in popularity and visitors to the site are quite likely to make a visit to the village as a result of what they see on-line.  Real time coverage via a web cam adds to the net surfer’s interest and with our incredible sunsets to show off as well as attractive areas of the village this all adds up to a dynamic tourism brochure.

Heacham-On-Line proposes to connect up to three web cams promoting Heacham's best and most interesting features.  Here are some suggested locations:

1.     Sunsets - Possible site would be at North Beach Heacham.

2.     High St - Possible site to cover businesses and events like the annual carnival.

3.   Library - A camera focused on Hunstanton Rd to take in as much of The Green and Hunstanton Road as possible would show general village activity and since the Pocahontas link in the village is connected primarily to the church and Heacham Hall may be a good spot for a good number of Pocahontas celebrations/events in 2007.  

4.   Bray's Pit - Possible site for camera to view this popular village feature.

There may be better locations that have not so far been suggested.  The locations looked at above are as a result of many conversations with a number of people in the village.  The above is essentially a proposal for consideration by interested parties. 

If anyone has any other ideas for the location of one of the cameras please send us your suggestion by................Clicking Here

The web cams will take real-time still photos which up-date/refresh say every 5/10 minutes.

It is hoped that the costs of purchasing the necessary equipment should come from community support – i.e. sponsorship and community grants.

Watch this space for updates on the web cams in Heacham and let us have your support.