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Walk to Hunstanton
in aid of Heacham's Surgery Amenity Fund

Sunday 27 August 2021

Feature and Photos by Stella of Heacham-On-Line but thanks must go to Doreen & Clive
who provided most of the photos at the Hunstanton Sailing Club

What a fantastic day for a walk.  We couldn't have asked for better conditions to enjoy a brisk stroll along the paved walkway from Heacham to Hunstanton and back - not too hot and not too cold with a little wind to wake you up.  All 23 walkers were sponsored to raise fund for Heacham's Patients Participation Group which helps support the local surgery to provide little luxuries like fresh mineral water or an extra comfy chair in the waiting room.

Walkers were (in no particular order):
Barbara Preston, Lin Woodley, Margaret Jeacock, Audrey Wragg, Lesley Huggett, Geoff Huggett,
Pat Press, Mike Press, Eileen Pitkin, Sheila Mitchell, Anne Hart, Charlie Hart,
David Mackay, Joy Mackay, Jean Deeble (Bramleys B&B), Pat Reilly,
Mary Jackson (The Discount Shop), Anne Lockhart, Sylvia Wilkins, Doreen Reed,
Stella Gooch (Heacham-On-Line & The Wheatsheaf Inn), Jamie Gooch (5) and Robbie Gooch (3).

The walk generally takes 45 minutes one way (varies according to your age and fitness).  My walk took me a good hour to the Hunstanton Sailing Club being somewhat hindered by a pushchair and a young 5 year old.  I am not sure how long it took to return to Heacham.


If you approach the walk from Heacham towards Hunstanton - as we did - you will find it is a peaceful stretch to traverse with a vast expanse of open unspoilt beach on one side with caravans and beach huts on the other. It is very flat, level and easy so it is suitable for all ages and abilities.

During the walk we encountered many keen walkers and also cyclists in both directions.


Suddenly, you know you are in Hunstanton when you see the Water Sports Club alongside the boat launching ramp.
Soon after that you can see the hive of activity of the fairground, pony rides on the beach, Sea Life Centre and the Wash Monster (boat trip) and more.

By the time we reached Hunstanton there was obviously a lot going on including a biker's rally on The Green outside The Golden Lion Hotel.


First walkers to arrive at Hunstanton Sailing Club
(Left) Mike Press (Chairman of PPG) arriving at Hunstanton Sailing Club

(Right) A nice relaxing cup of tea at Hunstanton Sailing Club for some walkers after the first half
(Left) Margaret Jeacock
(Right) Barbara Preston
dress for the occasion.

(Below) Mary Jackson
who raised 270
through the generosity of
customers at The Discount Shop
where she works.

Funds raised by the walkers are expected to exceed 1,200.  Congratulations to everyone involved including the organisers.