Saturday, 29 & Sunday, 30 July 2021

Feature and Photos by Stella of Heacham-On-Line

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 During the course of the late July weekend we were entertained by The Lavender Hill Mob Drama Club which was founded in February 2001 by Lesley Miles with the objective of giving everyone (aged 4 years and above) access to Performing Arts.  The Club is described as "like a family" and operates year round in Hunstanton with its main rules being respect, encouragement and commitment.  Lesley Miles worked and trained at the Chicken Shed Theatre Company in North London for three years and she maintains the Chicken Shed ethos in the Club.  This means that everyone is welcome no matter what their abilities and no audition is necessary.  All members are invited to participate in the performances, where sign language is taught and encouraged.  

 The Club has
gained in
popularity and
grown from
a starting
of 15 to more
than 50.
take place
Monday to
(5pm - 7.30pm
finishing at 9pm
in the run
up to
a show).

The Club is run by a Committee, comprising Lesley Miles (Artistic Director & Producer), Tim Rock (Musical Director), Mick & Sharon Yates (Assistant Directors), Stephanie Bass (Publicity), Jane Faulkner (Funding & Finance), Emma Steer (Children's Safety Officer), Lynette Passmore (Wardrobe Mistress) and Claire Penty and Michael Miles (Head Chaperones).

You can contact the Club on 01485 518556 or email.

We hope you enjoyed this small selection of the photos taken in late July 2006.