Hunstanton Organ Festival 2006

Hunstanton 13th Street Organ Festival - 15th - 16th July 2006
Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Barry Gardiner for sending in the
photos and providing background info for this feature

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Barry visited the 13th Hunstanton Street Organ Festival on Saturday, 15th July 2006.  It turned out that a number of the Festival participants had been delayed owing to traffic congestion and were therefore unable to take part on that day.  Unfortunately, Barry was unable to revisit on Sunday to take in the late joiners.  This year's event was fundraising for "DebRA" which researches effective treatments of EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa), a debilitating skin condition causing blistering and shearing of the skin.

Hunstanton Street Organ Festival organisers are Shon & Yvonne Gosling (Tel 07714 719015).