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Topping - Enforcement Success

Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Paul Cobb
for passing on photos and detail for this feature

Mr Lee Mitchell of Broadwater Crescent, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, was found guilty, last week, of carrying out unauthorised work to two oak trees at his Heacham residence.

The work, known as 'topping' was carried out on the two trees, which are the subject of a Tree Preservation Order, without the consent of the Local Planning Authority.  Topping is the excessive removal of a large proportion of the tree at a certain height.  It involves severing the main stem or vertical branches leaving large stubs and wounds and is not considered to be good practice.  As a result of the topping, the trees' natural branch structure and canopy form have been removed leaving bare stems with branch stubs.

Mr Mitchell attended court and pleaded guilty to the offence.  The magistrates fined him 500 for the offence and 500 towards costs.

Cllr Carol Sharp, Cabinet member for Development, said: "We are pleased with this result and hope that this sends out a strong message to anyone wishing to undertake similar work.  Applications for consent to carry out work to a protected tree must be made in writing to the local planning authority."

Issued by: Sharon Clifton, Communications Officer, on 01553 616711