Sunday 18th June 2006
from 2pm till 4pm
Please scroll down to see David's report on how the day went

Last year's Open Garden
which was very successful.

Just one of the Hostas in
David and Joanne's garden.

Lord and Lady Walsingham
at last year's Open Garden.

We will be opening our Hosta garden to the public on Sunday 18th June from 2pm till 4pm to raise money for Changing Faces, there will be refreshments available as usual.  If there's any body wishing to donate any bric-a-brac, potted plants and prizes for the raffle I would be really grateful.  I can collect any of these from 5th June onwards and up to the pre opening day.

If anybody feels that they would like to help in this way please call David  07796584406 anytime or 01485 572750 evenings only.

Many thanks to all of our very dear friends and family for all the support given past, present and future.

David & Joanne Bird


We had a brilliant start to the day with some lovely weather, it was just right as it was sunny but with a nice cool breeze.    People started to come into my garden from around 10.30am although I didn't officially start till 2pm.  I never turn anyone away as this all helps to contribute to the day's takings.

By around 1.45pm people started to come in their droves, I don't think that I've ever seen as many people milling around in The Drift as we had on Sunday.  This has always been such a lovely event as we seem to know everybody who comes now, I even had a visit from one of my cousins from Huddersfield which I didn't even know about.  We of course had our usual attractions, plant stall, bric-a-brac, refreshments and we were also given a donation of a flower arrangement from our very dear friend Barbara Grange (many thanks Barbara for your wonderful thoughts as usual regarding the charity). This was auctioned at the end of the day to help bring up our funds even higher.

By the end of the day we were all exhausted as we were kept so busy. While mentioning this I must say a really big thank you to Brian & Chris Brackenbury of 65 High Street, David Henderson, David & Fred of Le Strange Cottages for opening their gardens to raise the amount of money that we collected.  Thank you all so very much, you are wonderful people. I must tell you that the total amount of money raised on the day from all three gardens came to an amazing 780.00 this was sent to Changing Faces and has been added to Lindsay's run money plus other amounts that have been coming in and we now have a figure of 1,435.00 that the charity have received.

Finally, I must thank all our very dear friends and family who helped in the garden, I don't know how we would have managed without you all, also to all of the fantastic people who supported us on our fundraising day.  We are so grateful for your help.

With our very sincere wishes to everybody
David, Joanne & Lindsay