Farewell Tribute to Canon Patrick
End of an Era After Seven Dedicated Years

Feature by Stella of Heacham-On-Line and Photo Kindly
Supplied Via Church Office and Heacham Newsletter


As early as April 2006, Canon Patrick Foreman shared with us his intention to retire on Sunday, 30 July.

Sadly this time has come and gone and the Canon and his wife, Maureen, have indeed departed Heacham for genteel retirement in Fakenham.

On their last Saturday evening, a concert was held in their honour in the church.  As one would expect from Patrick, much fun and laughter was the order of things.  Regrettably I was unable to attend.

I for one will miss seeing Patrick popping up throughout the village and I am sure there are many more in Heacham who will feel the same.  However, we can be cheered in the knowledge that he will reappear from time to time to say hello to friends gained during his ministry and of course to see family who live in the village.

HOL would like to say a big THANK YOU to Patrick and Maureen for all their hard work and positive contributions into the village during their time here and wish them well in their future life.

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