"Garden" Fete
in aid of Guide & Scout Hut, Heacham
Saturday, 12 August 2006
at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Heacham
Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Malcolm and Pat for supplying the photos for the feature

No matter how hard you try to organise the perfect event you can't organise the weather!!
This year's garden fete turned out to be an "indoor fete" owing to rain earlier in the day and excessively high winds.  (We heard that a gale force wind alert was out at the beach!) Despite this, we adjusted the programme of events to accommodate the relocation to the function rooms of The Wheatsheaf Inn and a fun day was had by those that braved the weather in the true spirit of scouting ........

The Auction of Pledges
raised 60.00
The remainder of the
fete activities raised

All things considered
not a bad result!

A big thank you to everyone who came to support the event.  Our thanks go also to  "Caprice" who entertained throughout.