First Lambs of 2006


Photos and Feature by Stella of Heacham-On-Line

Spring has come early at
Snettisham's Park Farm.
During the February Half Term
visitors saw hordes of
new born lambs
as many ewes gave birth to
twins and even triplets.

 Proud Mother of Twins  New Lambs Frolick in the Hay
Farm Manager, Trevor, and his team were on hand to demonstrate
to a considerable crowd of interested families how best to feed the "orphan" lambs .
Trevor explained that "orphans" were actually one of a set of triplets.
Triplets always include identical twins from the same egg and a singleton.
As the mother has insufficient milk for all three lambs, the identical pair are left with their mother
and the single lamb is taken as an "orphan" and hand reared.
 Feeding the Orphan Lambs

The weather was glorious for the time of year and the farm was alive with
the sounds of baaing
lambs and playing children.
If you missed this opportunity
to see the new lambs this time,
more are expected in late March.

 Orphan Lambs Play
"Follow the Leader"
Orphan Lambs Play
"I'm the King of the Castle"