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Friday 1st December 2006
From 5.30pm onwards
 Heacham High Street
Stella of Heacham-On-Line would like to thank Malcolm
who made this feature possible
(and a thank you also goes to Rob Topliss the final 3 photos)


Despite the threat of rain, Heacham's High Street was packed with hordes of eager
Christmas shoppers getting into the spirit of things early in December.  Pat Terry and her
willing helpers were relieved that the weather generally held up for most of the evening but things
quietened down slightly earlier than usual as the onset of heavier rain beckoned.
Congratulations to Pat and everyone who took part - the evening was a
resounding success and was organised in less than 8 weeks.

The Christmas Card Competition had a fantastic number of entries.  The two Davids had a hard task deciding who should win.  As the majority were entered in their school years and not age groups, prizes have been awarded accordingly. Winners of the Christmas Card Competition were:

  NURSERY Ryley Belton
John Bristow
YEAR 3 Jordan Myhill
Benjamin Bridges
  RECEPTION Courtney Feeney
Hayden Jackson
YEAR 4 Ruby Aylmer
Holly Morgan
  YEAR 1 Tanya Shepherdson
Callum Frary
YEAR 5 Victoria Hoy
Hannah Phillips
  YEAR 2 Sian Playford
George Hunt
YEAR 6 Holly Rice
Lorcan Forde

Joining in the fun

A dapper John Wallis makes someone happy!

Mother Christmas needs help with her camera

Ho ho ho

Name that teddy

Win something interesting - hic!

The Salvation Army adds to the spirit

Mr Rushmore lights up his windows

Just some of the art competition entries

Something to eat anyone?

Dickensian beauty babes on a tea break!

More to eat?

Mr Plum's traction engine

Where's your top hat Richard?

Stephanie slaps on the paint

And even more food

The Salvation Army entertain

Bell ringers entertain at The Wheatsheaf Inn

The view of the High Street from the church

The Christmas Raffle raised around 138 after costs of 238.  The winners were:

  1   00725 Rod Hicks 14 00923 Trina, Creative  
  2   00451 Eileen Fosbrook 15 02378 Alison  
  3   02275 Morrison 16 01337 Trina, Caths (?)  
  4   03014 Mrs German 17 00028 Nancy  
  5   00444 Peter Day 18 02442 Watling  
  6   00695 G Williams 19 00259 Sally's Healthy & Beauty  
  7   00741 Debbie Playford 20 00170 Clarkes (?)  
  8   00073 Gourlay 21 02388 Ronnie  
  9   00788 Pauline Oakley 22 00472 Heather Rees  
  10   00005 K Gillet 23 01319 G Foulkes  
  11   01094 C Wymer 24 02199 A Thompson  
  12   02366 B Nobes 25 02348 Lynne Cromwell  
  13   01176 Hunt        

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