Photos and Feature by Stella of Heacham-On-Line


After some hype in the weather forecasting, the snow finally came to Heacham on Wednesday, 28 December 2005.
It snowed on and off over the next few days and settled.

There was enough snow
around for making snowmen
in the park and there were
some opportunities to sledge.
But it didn't stop the traffic
in and out of Heacham,
although it was a bit
treacherous in places.
Norfolk Lavender stood out
across its wintry fields
The bungalows in the cul-de-sacs around Nourse Drive and the duck pond all looked very pretty (above).
The bridge on Lynn Road (above). Brays Pitt was spectacular ... ... It was also the coldest!!

By evening on Friday, 30 December 2021
the rain came and it appears to have washed much of the snow away.


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