Hunstanton Organ Festival 2005

Hunstanton 12th Street Organ Festival - 16th-17th July 2005
Stella of Heacham On Line would like to thank Barry Gardiner for sending in the photos for the feature
and also for the report below which clearly shows that the Street Organ Festival organisers were to put
it mildly 'A bit annoyed with the Council's Entertainment Booking Department'

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Hunstanton Street Organ Festival organisers Shon & Yvonne Gosling (Tel 07714 719015) told me they were extremely annoyed by the cock-up of the Council's entertainment booking department for the double booking of the "Russell's Blood" Rock Band on the green at Hunstanton at the same time as the Street Organ Festival. The Street Organ Festival had been booked a year in advance and the extreme noise blasting out from the live Rock Music meant that all the street organs in the vicinity of the green had to close down for the afternoon. Yvonne Gosling said that to add insult to injury the Council had agreed to pay the Rock Band the sum of 200.00 as compensation for the double booking mix-up. The Street Organ Festival has been coming to Hunstanton for many years and Mrs Gosling felt that it was they who should have been compensated for a ruined day after a whole year of planning was spoilt by the Council's double booking.
Photos & Report by Barry Gardiner