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2nd - 8th July 2005

Stella of Heacham On Line would like to thank Malcolm Diggins for sending in this feature.

The tournament this year had its fair share of rain, in fact more than its fair share, I can report that just about all the bowlers got soaked at least once, and one bowler told me he got drenched in 4 of his first 5 games. So you would think nothing else could go wrong during the week, sadly that was not the case. Lack of local support from certain areas had many bowlers saying they would not be returning next year, that is if there will be a tournament. Mr Derek Boswell who has run the tournament for the last few years says this will be his last year, so who will take on the job with all this lack of support? Limited toilet and changing facilities, refreshments not available early as in previous years, the wind blowing over the light weight scoreboards. Possibly if the sun had shined all week, all these little niggles might not have surfaced, but the fact is they did and unless they are addressed I am afraid the tournament might be in jeopardy. On the brighter side we hope you enjoy the photos and hopefully we will be able to again cover the tournament in 2006! There is one positive thing I can report, I did not get wet once while taking the photos.