Sponsored Double Marathon
around Heacham village in aid of the
Phoebe Ward Cerebral Palsy Fund
Saturday 2nd October

Matthew Rushton
at 9am

Matthew with Phoebe at the start of his
Double Marathon

Matthew at 2.45pm
with 11 laps completed


Matthew receiving his well earned tankard
from Mr Fred Williman.
Matthew started this double marathon at
9am and finished at 7pm
What can you say but 'Brilliant Well Done!'

Matthew starting his last lap at 6.05pm

Matthew ran 15 times round a circular route
as follows

Fox & Hounds - West Norfolk
North Beach along to South Beach
South Beach Rd - Folgate - Cheney Hill
Malthouse Crescent - Bushall & Strike
Broadway - Nourse Drive
Wheatsheaf Inn - Social Club

Phoebe will be 3 years old
early in 2004

Here is a brief  history of Phoebe's life:

Phoebe was born 14 weeks premature weighing 1lb 10 ozs.  She was born in Basildon Essex, as there were no premature baby beds any nearer, even though she lived in Heacham.  Mum and Dad are Andy and Victoria Ward, Dad works at the local dairy.
At 6 days old she was transferred from Basildon to The Royal London Hospital for an operation on her bowel.
At 3 weeks of age she went to Great Ormond Street for a heart valve operation, where she stayed for a couple of days before going back to The Royal London.
For the next 2 months our family visited her 3 times a week, even being called in one Sunday morning when the Doctors thought she was going to lose her fight for life. This was a terrible time as Phoebe under went 13 blood
transfusions, septicemia, a blood clot on the brain and other problems associated with prematurity.
At 3 months she was transferred from The Royal London to King's Lynn special baby unit, where she stayed until she was almost 5 months old. Then at last she came home to Heacham, weighing about 4.5lbs.
The long term affects following her very rocky start include Chronic lung disease which came about because her lungs were so immature when she was born. Hypothyroidism, which is a condition where the thyroid gland does not work, she has medication for this , and will do for the rest of her life.
During her 1st year it was discovered that Phoebe suffered from Cerebral Palsy, which affects the movements of her muscles, not allowing her to move her limbs where she would like.  Its because of this that she can not sit up
or co-ordinate her actions.
In April of this year Phoebe went back to The Royal London Hospital to have a feeding tube inserted into her stomach, as she was not putting on enough weight. Since this operation she has come on in leaps and bounds, also helped by the special school she attends one afternoon a week in Norwich. This school is run by SCOPE and is for children with the same condition as Phoebe and is known as Conductive Education. A more local school is hoping to be set up later this year in King's Lynn.
Phoebe is now a lovely happy little girl although still has to visit the hospital weekly for physiotherapy and various other appointments. Her brain functions are the same as any other two and a half year old, she just has to learn how to adapt her body enable her to  join in daily life, and this is why the special equipment is so necessary for her.
The suit which Phoebe has on in the picture is the one which money was raised for last year, it cost 1500, this needs to be replaced with new ones as she grows. Also the standing frame which she is in on the 1st photo was bought with monies raised.
None of which comes cheaply!

We have just received the following thank you e-mail from Louise Rushton
(Sunday 3rd October 2004)

Hi Malcolm,

Many thanks for yesterday and the coverage you gave the event, we all  survived ( just about ) a few of us feeling our ages today!!!
We have made just over 1000 at the latest count and wish to thank all who helped to make the day go so well, including yourself, The Fox and Hounds and all the people who took part either walking jogging or cycling and Mr. Williman for presenting the tankard at the finish.
The money will be spent on a piece of equipment which will help Phoebe gain better head and neck control and also give her some independent mobility. This item costs around 700 and the rest will go towards her next support suit known as 2nd skin which she needs annually at a cost of 1500.
Once again thank you for your support and I will keep in touch in the near future with any updates from yesterday.

Best wishes


If you missed out giving a donation on the day when Matthew ran continuous for 10 hours
and covered a double marathon (over 52 miles) and you would like to help, please contact
Louise Rushton 53 Valley Rise Dersingham Tel: 01485 542976  Mobile: 07766 241060